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Our Project

Large Forest


Our current project is aimed under three primary categories of game genre, those are: MMO, RPG, VR (Cross compatible with standard PC platforms also.) We are using FBX for models. Substance painter and photography will be used for texturing, and Unity is our game engine, and thus C# as our OOP Language.

Mysterious Island


When a voice beckons that your sleep is complete, you awaken to find yourself in an underground area full of fire, destruction, and no recollection of how or why you’re here. Once you manage to escape from underground, you find yourself on an island; the landscape conjures feelings of home. There’s an abundance of plant overgrowth, strange landmarks in ruins, and seemingly deserted. You must take advantage of the surrounding resources and advancing your skills to increase your chances of survival.


Not all is as it seems. You are constantly being watched and judged on this planet whether it be from hostiles or allies. As the story progresses, you begin to build (or destroy) relationships with others, work with others to build civilizations, explore the depths of the planet, learn about the planet’s history, and piece together how your very existence affects humanity.

Unique and key features about our game.

Key Features

  • Dynamic Questing
  • Level-less Players
  • Environment-Reactive NPC Spawning/Migrations
  • Settle Your Community Anywhere
  • Relation-Dynamic in-game Friending System
  • Socioeconomic Team-Based Communities
  • Away-From-Home Game Mobile Connections and Features
  • Geographic/Location-Based Special Events
  • Don't forget, this is being built for Virtual Reality!
  • Many more Unique and Never-Before seen Features!